How to Ko in super smash bro ultimate

KO stands for knock-Out or Knock-Off, used to describe the situation where a player is knocked beyond the stages by their opponent’s actions. Also, the tier list for Super smash bro, will help you to know the power and abilities of the characters.

Getting back to the stage after a big hit from the survival, your goal is to fight your opponents so hard as possible. Certain moves called “Spikes”, that sends the enemy a flying straight down if you used it at the right time to knock out your opponent.

Mostly the spikes have to be done in the middle air so that you will have to take a risky move of jumping after them when you are off the side of the level to do it in proper time.

If your character doesn’t have a Spike, try using a Projectile or Normal attack when your opponent is jumping back to the stage to interrupt their return. This may not give you an immediate knockout as spike does, but it gives a hard hit that may put your opponent out of range from recovery.

Remember all your Options for returning to the stage.

When knocked off the stage, every character in the “Super Smash Bros Ultimate” can use their Special attack move to help them get back onto the stage. That move varies between the characters but it’s your prime key for survival when used properly.

If you find yourself having trouble staying alive in the game, you can pick a character like Kirby, Jigglypuff, King Dedede or Pit, who can float in the air for a little period of time.

Some characters have some extra moves to help them get back to the stage too. Using the attacks with few horizontal movement can help make your return to the stage. And few characters can hit themselves with their special moves to help propel them back to the stage.

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