How to Remove Differential Compression in windows

Windows 7 has a feature called Remote Differential Compression, which calculates the difference between file sizes in a network and moves them to the minimum possible bandwidth. This is useful and only saves bandwidth if you are on a local network and share files on it. For a home user, this service consumes only system resources. You can turn it off if you wish.

Since we don’t use this feature often, it is not needed to run on the background. This takes away our internet speed. So by shutting down in the background, the internet speed is improved a little bit So it is always better to know how to stop this application from running.

Disable Remote Differential Compression through Windows Feature s

  1. Press the keyboard combination Windows key + R to open Run dialog box.
  2.   In the Run dialog box, type Optional features.exe and press Enter.

3. This will open the Windows Features window. Now scroll down to Uncheck the checkbox labeled Remote Differential Compression

4.    Click OK to save the settings.

Alternate method to open Windows Feature

  1. You can open this Windows feature s option through Control Panel. In order to That,
  2. Start => Control Panel => Programs => Turn Windows Features on or off => Uncheck the box “Remote Differential Compression”
  3. Now you will get the same Windows Feature dialog box where you can uncheck the checkbox Remote Differential Compression
  4. The last method is very simple. Here we are going to use a very simple command line to disable Remote Differential Compression.

Disable Remote Differential Compression through command line:

  1. In order to disable this feature through a command line, you have to open the command prompt.
  2. Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box on the screen. In that box type the following Command line
MSRDC-Infrastructure /uninstall  
(Windows 7)

And that is all about disabling Remote Differential Compression. Since this feature is not so important for our day to day use. It is always better to disable this feature of Windows. By doing this your uploading speed will increase for sure

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